Palladium OS - 4.0

Hey Palladium Community, Get Ready for Palladium-OS 4.0!

Team Palladium is thrilled to unveil Palladium-OS 4.0 based on android 14 – a special release dedicated to our incredible Palladium community.

  • Network Traffic Indicators
  • 4G and 4G+ Icons
  • Pocket Mode
  • Advanced Reboot Options
  • Gesture Navigation Bar Customization
  • Double Tap to Sleep/Wake
  • Pulsing Notifications on Double Tap
  • Selinux Status in Settings
  • Status Bar Icon Management
  • Smartspace Integration

Enhancements and Fixes? Absolutely!

We have fixed the QS lag/jitter issue when expanding QS.

How to Get Palladium-OS 4.0?

Easy! Head to our website. Download, install, and let the Android fun begin.

In a Nutshell…

Team Palladium is pumped to bring you a fresh, fun, and feature-packed Android experience. Dive into the goodness today and rediscover the joy of true Android customisation!

Stay tuned for more from Team Palladium. It’s all about making your Android experience cooler, and it’s all thanks to the Palladium community!